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Dots & Patterns - Kolams

Kolam, comprised of dots and patterns ,  is a decorative design drawn in front  of the house. It is a popular tradition in South Indian homes. In the northern parts of India Rangoli is very popular.


Decoration was not the sole purpose of a Kolam. It involves good physical and mental exercise. Drawing a kolam keeps a person focused and requires a good deal of concentration. 


Kolam is an interesting tool to stimulate the mind of a person. Kids, these days, know how to join the numbered dots and make a picture. That activity could’ve possibly had its origins in kolam. You can practise them on a piece of paper or on terrace or on floors or any surface you desire.


There is a lot of room for creativity while drawing a kolam and that’s exactly what we aim. By introducing kolams in this website, we help you exercise the creative part of your brain. Trying these kolams is akin to warming up or warming down before or after you do your puzzle exercise at this gym.

Go ahead and try some of the sample kolams. These designs are generally simple ones. You can improvise them, as you deem necessary. Kids and adults would find this interesting. It is not only a fun activity but also a stimulating one. Try them out!